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Regenesys Physical Medicine always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 87 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Regenesys Physical Medicine below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Brittnie H.
Submitted 05/07/21
I found Regenesys when I was about 25 weeks into my pregnancy. This is my first pregnancy and I was struggling a lot with pelvic pain and I was basically waddling already from my hips being out of line. My baby was also showing breach, which wasn't an issue at the time but it was still a concerning thought that he'd stay that way in the long run. Dr. Wilson explained that all this was pretty normal but most women didn't know it could be easily fixed! We set up an 8 week adjustment plan with physical therapy, stretches and little exercises. After the second adjustment, I was walking upright and straight again. By 4 weeks into adjustments, my hip and pelvic pain was down to a 3 from a 7. I'm into my last week and I'm 95% pain free (as long as I don't overdo it on weekends but the nesting instinct is really kicking in!). Dr. Wilson is very flexible in his treatments as well. I always get my hips adjusted but if I tell him my round ligaments are hurting, he takes the time to help me. If I tell him my neck is a little stiff that day, he will adjust my neck that time as well. He listens very well and is always willing to help, even if it's slightly outside the scope of planned treatment. His staff, Michael and Barbie, are great in the PT corner. They really pay attention to my exercises and help me execute them or even tell me to skip a certain one if they see it's pushing me too far. Kelly and Hope at the front are very sweet and are always a pleasure to greet in the mornings. I don't think you'll regret choosing to get care here. If you're pregnant, please do it. It's worth it for your comfort and your baby's comfort. My baby is now head down and I feel more comfortable and healthier than I did 7 weeks ago.
Chelsey L.
Submitted 04/27/21
I went to Dr. Wilson and his team for prenatal care. I was starting to get uncomfortable in the third trimester and was told that chiropractic care was a way to ensure my body was as fit as possible for pregnancy and labor. Dr. Wilson is fantastic and his entire team are great people and professionals. I haven't had a single negative encounter with anyone at the office. Dr. Wilson was great about sharing his expertise and developing goals that would get me to and through labor in the best shape possible. I saw him 3 times a week for adjustments and worked with Barbie and Michael on physical therapy exercises to strengthen my core and relieve some hip and groin pain that is common in the third trimester. I was given great instruction and provided the exercise explanations so I could replicate the exercises at home. I saw Amber for prenatal massages once a week as well. She is fantastic! I had never had a massage before going to Regenesys and was a little apprehensive and self conscious. She was a comforting voice and always had great advice and seemed genuinely invested in my well being. I felt supported by the whole team every step of the way. Hope and Kelly at the front desk were always super accommodating for appointments and genuinely seemed to care about my well being and progress. The whole team was really knowledgeable about pregnant patients and I never felt concerned about the experience. They always had the right equipment and modifiers for stretches that were more difficult for me. I felt great through out the experience and many people in my personal life were really surprised by my level of comfort and ability to move and flex even in my 39th week. I truly attribute a fantastic 3rd trimester to this group of amazing individuals. They were always willing to hear my concerns and treat anything to cropped up from week to week or day to day. I can't refer people to them fast enough! I was seen from 32 - 40 weeks and couldn't have asked for a better experience.
Monique B.
Submitted 04/19/21
I know that people are sometimes weary of Chiropractic offices but I can assure you that this is not a Chiropractic office. Dr. Wilson and staff take a very different approach to healing the body that is comprehensive yet necessary and logical. Not only did I find relief for my neck injury but I am significantly smarter going forward in how I carry my body, the way in which my body gets to a point of pain and how I can help prevent it, but I am constantly cognitive of how my posture is and make adjustments to ensure less damage in the future. But that’s all the science-y stuff, let’s talk about the people. Dr. Wilson is genuinely one of the nicest people who takes healthcare back to the earlier days of investing in your patients and knowing everything about them and their families (in a non-creepy way) that we have lost over the years. His way of treating his patients doesn’t stop with him; all of his staff subscribe to this philosophy and are wonderful. Hope and Kelly are very sweet and welcome every patient in by their name, I literally look forward to seeing them and hearing about their weekends. Michael and Barbie do a phenomenal job at the other parts of the healing process and physical therapy but they talk to you like you are a person and a friend. Amber and Bree are not massage therapists, they are body workers and healers. If you are looking for relief and actually getting into the muscle and knots and walking away feeling like you are a new person you need Amber and Bree! There are many other services and wonderful staff my husband and I haven’t been able to take advantage of but we are so thankful that we both found Regenesys and have bought ourselves more time feeling amazing. Thank you everyone!!!
Sue M.
Submitted 03/25/21
I have lived with lower back and hip pain for 25 years. I met Dr. Wilson at Regenesys and he told me chiropractic care would greatly improve my body structure, posture, pain and discomfort. After the second treatment, I quit believing that I had to live with my discomforts. Dr. Wilson was right, and he has improved me! He and his staff have taught me many techniques and increased my knowledge, confidence and ability to be responsible for my own well-being. Regenesys is an efficient and caring practice. Dr. Wilson is a focused, honest, respectable and talented physician. The staff follows his lead, and they run an exceptional office. I wish I had done this 25 years ago! Thank you sincerely, Regenesys, for your excellent care of me!
Jacob W.
Submitted 03/23/21
Dr. Wilson and his staff came through for me again. The best comment I can give is that, if not for being way more sedentary during 2020 and falling off of my “what I know I should be doing” the work they did 10 years ago to help me with lower back issues would have held and they have whipped me back into shape again. The time the team takes to ensure you’re getting the right types of treatment and the focus on reduction of pain first then shift to strengthening and preventative measures makes for the best possible experience when you’re not at your best. Thanks to everyone on the team for all their help and work and I can’t recommend them enough.
Ray Y.
Submitted 03/22/21
I came to Regenesys about a year ago. I had some knee pain and mobility issues. I couldn't stand for long periods of time. I heard about Regenesys through social media, and now here we are, a YEAR later, after opting for regenerative injection therapy, I have complete mobility in my knees, no pain, and can work out without any pain! I'm glad I did it - it's the BEST DECISION I'VE EVER MADE! Way better than surgery!
Kaitlin M.
Submitted 03/21/21
Pain in my knees and hips had become completely unbearable. I know that getting older is tough, but good grief!!! Osteoarthritis was completely killing my lifestyle, so I decided to do something about it. After my PCP and ortho recommended steroid injections, I wanted to try something that would be healthier and longer lasting. After considerable research on non-steroidal treatments, I learned about regenerative medicine, and found Regenesys Physical Medicine online. They were very highly rated, so I called and made an appointment. Let's just say I'm now their biggest fan! They were amazing!!! The medical providers, the staff, everyone at their practice is awesome! I decided to move forward with the umbilical cell injections and the in house therapy they offer, and my knees feel like I'm 20 again! I can't believe it - I can go run, play pickleball, Zumba....whatever I want to do and I don't hurt anymore! I would give this office 100 stars if I could! If you are in pain and looking for the right people to help, give them a call - you won't regret it!
Tim R.
Submitted 03/12/21
Regenesys Physical Medicine helped me get my spine back to top performance! This treatment really works and I don’t think 5 stars is enough!
Terrence G.
Submitted 03/09/21
You never know how bad of shape you’re in until you get better. Neck & back issues I’ve had for years just became a way of life. Had I waited any longer, I would have surely had permanent issues. Dr. Wilson and his staff are awesome. Trust the process. It works. Sleeping better & feeling better makes you a better person.
Kayla M.
Submitted 02/23/21
Everybody here is AWESOME!! The entire office staff, the doctors, the nurse practitioner, the rehab staff, and both massage therapists - they are all just amazing! My neck, shoulder, and back pain is totally gone now and their treatment process helped me learn that my chronic problems will never completely go away but that I can stay pain free going forward the rest of my life if I keep up what I learned. I truly feel like I can go back to enjoying what I love to do the most in life without pain. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I refer all my friends and family here and I am a PATIENT FOR LIFE!!!
Myrtle T.
Submitted 01/29/21
I came to Regenesys because I went to bed one night last year and when I woke up I couldn't get out of bed. I found out that I had chronic disc problems and sciatica. I went to a neurosurgeon who screamed and shouted at me that I should have surgery. I am 69 years old, and for me, surgery is NOT AN OPTION! I had two injections and they didn't work. I found out about Regenesys online, and when I came in, I talked with Dr. Wilson, and he was very honest with me. He told me that he would try to help me, and gave me a ten week plan. When I first walked into Regenesys, I was bent over and barely able to walk. After treatment, I am now standing up straight, walking, and my pain level went to a 10 to a 1-2. I feel like Regenesys is a place where you can get an honest opinion, everyone is very comforting and supportive, and the program works! Come here if you are in pain and let them help you as well!
Melanie K.
Submitted 12/27/20
I am a RN and work long 12 hour nightshifts. My job is physically and mentally demanding. This past year, I started having increased low back pain and sciatic pain. I have always had chronic pain, but this was different! I was in so much pain that it hurt to walk and even lay in my bed. I just got to the point that I could not handle the pain. I started going to see Dr. Wilson and his team at Regenesys and can't believe the difference it has made in my life. I have had chiropractic treatment in the past that would help but I would still have pain. I believe the approach Dr. Wilson takes with physical therapy, spinal decompression, massage, and trigger point injections made all the difference for me. I no longer have constant back pain. I was able to start exercising and I have lost 20 pounds this year. I feel so much better physically than I have in years. It took time and commitment that was challenging for me with the hours that I work. Dr. Wilson and all of his staff were understanding, friendly and professional while working with me. I am extremely thankful for all the care I received and continue to receive. I can't say enough and highly recommend Regenesys Physical Medicine for anyone needing relief from joint and spine pain.
Jason M.
Submitted 12/16/20
After fighting shoulder and neck issues for close to 15 years, Dr. Brandon Wilson and his team have finally helped me correct/heal the underlying issues and not merely treat the symptoms as others have in the past...I highly recommend this group and their multi-faceted approach (chiropractic, decompression and physical therapy).
Houdini A.
Submitted 12/14/20
Dr. Wilson is awesome! He has helped my quality of life and allowed me to be more pain free than ever before! The entire staff is great and welcoming too! Best place in Frisco!!!
Laura P.
Submitted 12/06/20
5 STARS IS NOT ENOUGH FOR THIS OFFICE! Dr. Wilson and his staff are so kind, professional, and are sincerely interested in helping every patient feel better. I was having horrible pain in my neck and shoulders from working at home and honestly I didn't know what to do - I was miserable. I starting researching online and found Regenesys and was blown away by their patient reviews and great information on their website. I called and made an appointment for the next day. They were so polite and detailed in everything - it was SO REFRESHING to go to a doctor's office and have everyone be so kind and helpful, and make me feel how much they care! Dr. Wilson then expertly explained why I was hurting and how treatment could help me get rid of the pain that was ruining my life. He stated that a problem like mine wouldn't go away with just adjustments, but needed rehab/exercises, medical massage, and spinal decompression as well. What he said made total sense to me and I started immediately. I began feeling better very quickly and the treatment plan helped me correct several other postural problems I was having as well. I am so grateful to these guys! They are terrific! Anyone who sees them will be thoroughly impressed from the moment you meet them, I guarantee it. I highly recommend them to anyone in pain.
Michelle A.
Submitted 11/06/20
I was having chronic neck pain that was developing into shoulder and back issues. I knew I needed treatment. Regenesys was the complete package for immediate and long term relief. They helped me through multiple modalities to achieve improved mobility, pain relief, and long lasting health. The staff are very friendly and aim to provide quality care. Great job Regenesys!
Carmin R.
Submitted 10/20/20
I came to Regenesys with chronic neck, mid back, low back, pelvic and sciatica pain. During the program I was given exercises as well as adjustments, decompression, and massage therapy to help combat and tackle my problem areas. They were realistic and honest about the experience and expectations during and post the process. I came in on one particular session with a terribly sore and tender back. Dr. Wilson knew exactly what the issue was and adjusted me according. Not only did he readjust my bone that was out of place but he also showed me how it looks when something like that occurs. Everyone greets you with a smile and you feel so welcomed. I was sad to see it come to an end. It went by so fast. I recommend this program for anyone serious about improving their physical health and wellness.
Jeff E.
Submitted 10/20/20
From the moment I walked in the door, I knew I had come to the right place for my lower back pain. Dr. Wilson and his entire professional staff are amazing and genuinely care for their patients. I have never been to a medical provider where you were treated with such respect and care. Every aspect of treatment was explained thoroughly and every visit over my eight week therapy was amazing. I personally want to thank the entire staff: Dr. Wilson, Kelly, Hope, Mike, Barbie, Amber and Chrissy for everything you did to make my Rehab Successful!!! You are all truly amazing. Thanks Again!!!
Greg P.
Submitted 10/16/20
This is my 2nd visit and treatment by Dr. Wilson. He treated me for knee cartilage deterioration issues in Dec 2018 and also for a pelvis misalignment in April of 2020. His office staff are great and he is kind and very professional. Highly recommended if you suffer from knee, back, joint or neck pain.
Kenia H.
Submitted 08/07/20
As a Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and Pro dancer for artists such as Trace Adkins and Beyonce; etc, I never dreamed I would struggle with lower back pain and hip misalignment. I struggled for about a year, trying everything I could get my hands on to get better, but nothing worked. Scrolling through Instagram one night, I prayed to be sent to the right establishment with a passionate Dr. and helpful staff. Several advertisements showed up as I scrolled, but when I saw Regenesys, I had a gut feeling that turned out to be spot on. After about four weeks of treatment, I woke up one day feeling so normal I was confused. It felt like total victory after being in pain for such an extended period of time. Every facet of my treatment plan felt needed; nothing was waisted and I never waited more than a few minutes to be treated. Dr. Wilson knows his stuff and I could tell it was important to him that we achieve our goals (which we did). I can't say enough about Amber, the medical masseuse, her intuitive touch and knowledge based approach. I could go on and on about the warmth of the practitioners and staff, but hopefully you'll get to experience Regenesys for yourself.