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Regenesys Physical Medicine always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 56 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Regenesys Physical Medicine below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Melanie K.
Submitted 12/27/20
I am a RN and work long 12 hour nightshifts. My job is physically and mentally demanding. This past year, I started having increased low back pain and sciatic pain. I have always had chronic pain, but this was different! I was in so much pain that it hurt to walk and even lay in my bed. I just got to the point that I could not handle the pain. I started going to see Dr. Wilson and his team at Regenesys and can't believe the difference it has made in my life. I have had chiropractic treatment in the past that would help but I would still have pain. I believe the approach Dr. Wilson takes with physical therapy, spinal decompression, massage, and trigger point injections made all the difference for me. I no longer have constant back pain. I was able to start exercising and I have lost 20 pounds this year. I feel so much better physically than I have in years. It took time and commitment that was challenging for me with the hours that I work. Dr. Wilson and all of his staff were understanding, friendly and professional while working with me. I am extremely thankful for all the care I received and continue to receive. I can't say enough and highly recommend Regenesys Physical Medicine for anyone needing relief from joint and spine pain.
Jason M.
Submitted 12/16/20
After fighting shoulder and neck issues for close to 15 years, Dr. Brandon Wilson and his team have finally helped me correct/heal the underlying issues and not merely treat the symptoms as others have in the past...I highly recommend this group and their multi-faceted approach (chiropractic, decompression and physical therapy).
Houdini A.
Submitted 12/14/20
Dr. Wilson is awesome! He has helped my quality of life and allowed me to be more pain free than ever before! The entire staff is great and welcoming too! Best place in Frisco!!!
Laura P.
Submitted 12/06/20
5 STARS IS NOT ENOUGH FOR THIS OFFICE! Dr. Wilson and his staff are so kind, professional, and are sincerely interested in helping every patient feel better. I was having horrible pain in my neck and shoulders from working at home and honestly I didn't know what to do - I was miserable. I starting researching online and found Regenesys and was blown away by their patient reviews and great information on their website. I called and made an appointment for the next day. They were so polite and detailed in everything - it was SO REFRESHING to go to a doctor's office and have everyone be so kind and helpful, and make me feel how much they care! Dr. Wilson then expertly explained why I was hurting and how treatment could help me get rid of the pain that was ruining my life. He stated that a problem like mine wouldn't go away with just adjustments, but needed rehab/exercises, medical massage, and spinal decompression as well. What he said made total sense to me and I started immediately. I began feeling better very quickly and the treatment plan helped me correct several other postural problems I was having as well. I am so grateful to these guys! They are terrific! Anyone who sees them will be thoroughly impressed from the moment you meet them, I guarantee it. I highly recommend them to anyone in pain.
Michelle A.
Submitted 11/06/20
I was having chronic neck pain that was developing into shoulder and back issues. I knew I needed treatment. Regenesys was the complete package for immediate and long term relief. They helped me through multiple modalities to achieve improved mobility, pain relief, and long lasting health. The staff are very friendly and aim to provide quality care. Great job Regenesys!
Carmin R.
Submitted 10/20/20
I came to Regenesys with chronic neck, mid back, low back, pelvic and sciatica pain. During the program I was given exercises as well as adjustments, decompression, and massage therapy to help combat and tackle my problem areas. They were realistic and honest about the experience and expectations during and post the process. I came in on one particular session with a terribly sore and tender back. Dr. Wilson knew exactly what the issue was and adjusted me according. Not only did he readjust my bone that was out of place but he also showed me how it looks when something like that occurs. Everyone greets you with a smile and you feel so welcomed. I was sad to see it come to an end. It went by so fast. I recommend this program for anyone serious about improving their physical health and wellness.
Jeff E.
Submitted 10/20/20
From the moment I walked in the door, I knew I had come to the right place for my lower back pain. Dr. Wilson and his entire professional staff are amazing and genuinely care for their patients. I have never been to a medical provider where you were treated with such respect and care. Every aspect of treatment was explained thoroughly and every visit over my eight week therapy was amazing. I personally want to thank the entire staff: Dr. Wilson, Kelly, Hope, Mike, Barbie, Amber and Chrissy for everything you did to make my Rehab Successful!!! You are all truly amazing. Thanks Again!!!
Greg P.
Submitted 10/16/20
This is my 2nd visit and treatment by Dr. Wilson. He treated me for knee cartilage deterioration issues in Dec 2018 and also for a pelvis misalignment in April of 2020. His office staff are great and he is kind and very professional. Highly recommended if you suffer from knee, back, joint or neck pain.
Kenia H.
Submitted 08/07/20
As a Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and Pro dancer for artists such as Trace Adkins and Beyonce; etc, I never dreamed I would struggle with lower back pain and hip misalignment. I struggled for about a year, trying everything I could get my hands on to get better, but nothing worked. Scrolling through Instagram one night, I prayed to be sent to the right establishment with a passionate Dr. and helpful staff. Several advertisements showed up as I scrolled, but when I saw Regenesys, I had a gut feeling that turned out to be spot on. After about four weeks of treatment, I woke up one day feeling so normal I was confused. It felt like total victory after being in pain for such an extended period of time. Every facet of my treatment plan felt needed; nothing was waisted and I never waited more than a few minutes to be treated. Dr. Wilson knows his stuff and I could tell it was important to him that we achieve our goals (which we did). I can't say enough about Amber, the medical masseuse, her intuitive touch and knowledge based approach. I could go on and on about the warmth of the practitioners and staff, but hopefully you'll get to experience Regenesys for yourself.
Callie M.
Submitted 08/07/20
Okay not even sure where to start here; but they are incredible! I gave birth three months ago and had a long (21.5 hour) labor. As a result, my hips and pelvis were misaligned along with some issues in my lower back causing me extreme pain down one of my legs. One night after being up all night crying and in pain, I was unsure where to turn. I turned to Dr. Wilson and his staff. Oh my goodness, I cannot say enough great things about them! They got me in right away and within the first week I was pain free! In my initial consultation, they met with me and ran all sorts of tests. They did x-rays, and I really liked that I was able to SEE the x-rays as Dr. Wilson explained why he was recommended what he was. He did a great job explaining the why behind the what. They worked with me on a pricing plan, listened to my concerns and we came up with a treatment plan together. I felt a part of the process the entire time. It was super comfortable and easy. When you’re in pain, you don’t want to have to jump through hurdles to get relief...and I didn’t thanks to them. The entire staff - from Hope and Kelly at the front to Amber, Barbie and Michael to Marci and Dr. Wilson - ALL have gone above and beyond. Not only do they make you feel comfortable, but they were all on the same page! If Dr. Wilson said something, Amber was able to pinpoint the exact same issue in my massages. Barbie and Michael were able to best recommend suggestions and everything ran smoothly while I was trying to recover. I cannot recommend this place enough. I will be continuing to go back every now and again to ensure that my body continues to be pain free; but I can say with 100% certainty that I’m pain-free because of them! I’m able to hold my daughter for hours on end, dance with her and am back to working out all because they didn’t just put a bandaid on the problem - they fixed it! I’m a forever fan of theirs and would recommend them to anyone!
Mario D.
Submitted 07/23/20
Excellent skilled and friendly staff, including the ladies at the front desk, the technicians, massage therapist, nurse practitioner and Dr Wilson. My treatment lasted ~ 8 weeks and all personnel that treated me were knowledgeable, helpful, friendly with many recommendations and activities to make my condition better. The combination of adjustments to my neck, hip, back, along with physical therapies has giving me better relief for the pain. This place exceeded my expectations. Try it and you will see the results.
Annie G.
Submitted 07/13/20
I can't express enough how fantastic every single one of the staff members are here! Thank you so much for changing my life for the better. This is my first time to be pain free in eight years!
Elizabeth J.
Submitted 06/27/20
I just wanted to share how amazing my experience was here! I have never been to a doctor's office where everyone cared SO MUCH about ME!!! The front office staff, the doctor, the nurse practitioner, the rehab staff, the massage therapist - they are all just amazing! My back and neck pain is totally gone now and the unique treatment process taught me so much about how I can stay pain free going forward the rest of my life. Thank you for giving me my life back again! I strongly recommend this office to anyone in pain who wants a doctor who actually CARES about you as a person!
Natasha R.
Submitted 06/19/20
I was one of those people who for 15 years suffered from chronic back pain. I did injections and even had a rhizotomy, and the next step was either going to be a disc replacement or fusing my spine. I'm 47 and TOO YOUNG FOR THAT! I did my research and found Dr. Wilson and his holistic approach to easing pain. I can't tell you HOW MUCH I HAVE IMPROVED over the past 10 weeks using chiropractic care, medical massage, spinal decompression, and all the rehab exercises. If there is anything I have learned, which I wish I had known before, is that you just can't focus on one part of your body, it has to be a "wholistic" approach. I can tell you that I am 100 TIMES BETTER than the day that I walked into his office. If you are one of those people who have just decided to live in pain for the rest of your life, then you are a perfect candidate. Come see Dr. Wilson and his staff at Regenesys! It will change your life!!!
Liz L.
Submitted 03/31/20
Dr. Wilson and his staff are knowledgeable and kind. They truly want to do everything they can to improve how you are feeling. I drove an hour to my my appointments and it was worth it!
Linda S.
Submitted 03/16/20
I found Regenesys on Facebook. That was the BEST thing I ever did. When I made my first appointment I couldn't hardly walk. It's now been 5 weeks and I feel the BEST I have ever felt! Dr. Wilson and his staff are simply AMAZING!
Submitted 03/13/20
I’ve had nothing but the best care from Regenesys. Dr. Wilson and his staff are patient, professional and very knowledgeable about the treatments they provide. Dr. Wilson treated both my back (through decompression and physical therapy) and my knees (stem cell regenerative therapy). The x-rays on my back are a great “before” and “after” picture and proof that Dr. Wilson and his staff provide excellent care. The regenerative and physical therapy on my knees provided noticeable results and has relieved my pain. The office atmosphere is warm and friendly with a staff committed to a positive treatment environment with genuine concern for our well-being as patients.
Meredith S.
Submitted 03/02/20
This place rocks! I came here for prenatal care with my first pregnancy, and from the initial phone call, to the adjustments, to the physical therapy, I felt like I mattered and that we all had the same goals. Dr. Wilson is extremely kind and very knowledgeable. He always made time for my questions (and believe me, there were many), and made sure I knew what I was doing. I am now only a few weeks from my due date, and I'm feeling very prepared. This place isn't just for pregnant women, but if you are, I would HIGHLY recommend coming to get treatment here throughout your pregnancy!!
Kristen D.
Submitted 02/12/20
I cannot speak enough on how grateful I am for the team at Regenesys Physical Medicine! As a middle school teacher who was in CONSTANT pain throughout my upper back and suffering from DAILY headaches, I was convinced that I would be in some sort of pain forever. After finally deciding to seek out treatment, I landed on Dr. Wilson and his team at Regenesys. I was welcomed not only with a level of care and compassion that I have never experienced before with any doctor (and I´ve dealt with a lot of doctors), but also assurance that my pain was real and confidence that it could be treated. Within the first 2 treatments my pain had dissipated and after 8 weeks, I can happily say that my pain has stayed away! I am so grateful for Dr. Wilson and his team at Regenesys... You will not find a better team of people who care more about getting you to a happier, healthier version of you!
Joanna M.
Submitted 01/31/20
Great staff, great theory of practice in holistic and integrated medicine!