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Regenesys Physical Medicine always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 38 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Regenesys Physical Medicine below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Kristen D.
Submitted 02/12/20
I cannot speak enough on how grateful I am for the team at Regenesys Physical Medicine! As a middle school teacher who was in CONSTANT pain throughout my upper back and suffering from DAILY headaches, I was convinced that I would be in some sort of pain forever. After finally deciding to seek out treatment, I landed on Dr. Wilson and his team at Regenesys. I was welcomed not only with a level of care and compassion that I have never experienced before with any doctor (and I´ve dealt with a lot of doctors), but also assurance that my pain was real and confidence that it could be treated. Within the first 2 treatments my pain had dissipated and after 8 weeks, I can happily say that my pain has stayed away! I am so grateful for Dr. Wilson and his team at Regenesys... You will not find a better team of people who care more about getting you to a happier, healthier version of you!
Joanna M.
Submitted 01/31/20
Great staff, great theory of practice in holistic and integrated medicine!
Kelly W.
Submitted 01/27/20
After a car accident and then 4 years of dancing on top of the initial injury, my knees were in terrible shape. For someone in my 20's I was told by an orthopedist I had the knees of a 60 year old. 8 years later, after still living with pain after the initial surgery, I was facing another surgery. That is when I found Regenesys Physical Medicine. In just one quick 45 minute office visit, and a virtually painless injection procedure with Regenerative cell therapy, my knees are doing better than they've been in over a decade. I can squat and walk stairs with no pain, where as before the injection, it was an impossible task. In just 3 months after the injection, I went to Disney World and walked the parks for 2 days straight with NO KNEE PAIN!!!! Not only did they help elevate my knee pain with the regenerative therapy injection but they also helped me with my on going degenerative disc issue in my back using Chiropractic therapy. This place is amazing! Please, please do yourself a favor and come to see Dr. Wilson and his amazing staff! Your only regret will be that you didn't come in sooner.
Tom J.
Submitted 01/22/20
My hips, knees, and back were so bad that I could barely walk. I found out about Regenesys online and went to hear Dr. Wilson speak at a seminar where I learned about regenerative therapy as well as the other types of therapies they do. I decided to give it a try, and I can't believe how well it worked! From the one-time regenerative injections in my knees and hips to the physical therapy, massage therapy, and other treatments, their entire staff is top notch and I couldn't be happier with how I feel! I feel 30 years younger! I would give this practice 10 stars if I could. If you are in pain and are tired of taking medications, give these people an opportunity. It will change your life!
Wayne B.
Submitted 12/17/19
Wow - Dr. Wilson and his entire office is incredible! I have never been to a doctor that takes so much of their professional time to explain so completely what is wrong, what treatment is needed, and how long it will take to improve in such a caring, comprehensive manner. It is so refreshing! Most doctors make you feel like a cattle call, and just dictate to you what they think you need. Dr. Wilson's approach is totally different. They involve you in the process of understanding everything about your condition, and then make treatment recommendations to fully stabilize the problem, so it doesn't keep coming back over and over. My treatment went amazing, and I feel better than I have in over 20 years. If you are really looking to get long-term relief of pain and feel better, then this if the office for you! Plus, everyone there is so nice and professional. I highly recommend them!
Jessica K.
Submitted 12/09/19
Dr. Wilson and his team are wonderful. They are always very flexible if I need to change my appointment time. Dr. Wilson explains the entire process of treatment upfront so there are no surprises later down the line. His entire team has a great synergy and always willing to help each other if one gets busy. All of the physical therapists are very attentive and always willing to answer questions I may have regarding my stretches/exercises. I would highly recommend Regenesys Physical Medicine to anyone seeking physical therapy/chiropractic care.
Kasie E.
Submitted 10/29/19
Before coming to Dr. Wilson I was in constant pain. I had been treated by a traditional orthopedic spinal doctor who, in his best attempt, treated my herniated disc with medications and injections. That treatment left me with little relief and continued frustration. A friend recommended me to Dr. Wilson. I honestly didn’t expect to feel as well as I do today. I had given into the fact that this would be something I live with. However, I am an avid exerciser and did not want to give up, so my last effort was come to Regenesys. I am so happy with my results and can’t say enough food things about Dr. Wilson and his staff...professional, courteous and above all caring. I plan to continue my therapy in a maintenance with them because I know they have my best interest (and my back)
Dacey G.
Submitted 10/29/19
From my initial consultation with Dr. Wilson, I knew that this was a stellar clinic. Dr. Wilson took ample time to review with me all my spinal issues and discussed how he would be able to address my issues in a systematic functional way through a interdisciplinary process. Because I'm a nurse, Dr. Wilson's explanations of his treatment process made absolute medical sense to me. My treatment plan included chiro care, medical massage therapy, spinal decompression, trigger point injections, physical therapy, and I also completed their peripheral neuropathy protocol. By mid-treatment, I received a stem cell Injection, and felt my pain dissipate immediately! I'm happy to say that by the end of treatment, the "pins and needles" in my foot are gone, and I've even strengthened some wasted muscles in my leg! I've completed my full treatment with success, now enduring more activities without pain than prior. Dr. Wilson and his staff are nothing short of amazing, and I'm lucky to have found them!
Jami R.
Submitted 08/29/19
Dr Wilson and his team have been amazing. I went to him for pre natal care and it has really helped me get stronger to help support my pregnancy. Because of his care I have had minimal discomfort as baby has taken up more space. I am also better able to manage my stand up job. I also can't say enough about the team there. They have made me feel like family and I'm bummed that I won't be seeing them as often as I am going to just maintenance appointments now and won't be there as often.
Melissa K.
Submitted 08/29/19
When looking for some treatment for back pain I called several local offices with questions. Regenesys was the only practice who took the time to answer my questions over the phone before scheduling an initial visit. They've been extremely accommodating with scheduling my treatment and if I've had to bring my kiddo with me to treatment. I just finished my treatment plan and I feel better than I have in a long while. Their entire office is so friendly I highly recommend them.
Michael S.
Submitted 08/29/19
I was having horrible lower back pain, sciatica, knee pain, and foot neuropathy for over 20 years. The medication that other doctors had given me was not working, and it was making me feel just terrible. After doing some online research, I decided to come in for an appointment. Let me first say that this staff is the most kind, amazing group I have ever seen. From the initial phone call to showing up as a new patient, they treated me so politely and explained everything so well - what a nice change! I then met Dr. Wilson and his nurse practitioner, and they actually listened to me. They showed they really cared about me, and provided me answers to my problems. I really appreciate how much time they spent explaining things to me in a way I could understand, and not just talking over me. They then gave me an expertly designed plan to provide relief of pain immediately and into the future. I had never heard about regenerative medicine prior to coming here, but it, combined with the other treatment I received, has been truly amazing. My back and sciatic pain is gone, my knees don't hurt anymore, and my neuropathy pain is SO MUCH BETTER! For anybody suffering like me, call this office and let them help you like they did me. I highly recommend Dr. Wilson and his team.
Hal H.
Submitted 07/10/19
I went to see Dr. Wilson with severe back and neck pain. He worked with me to alleviate the immediate issues, and also helped to guide me into a wellness plan including physical therapy to help prevent issues going forward. The whole staff is friendly and fun to see. They are understanding about schedule changes, and help you find ways to apply the right exercises into your daily routine.
John G.
Submitted 07/10/19
My experience was I had dealt with neck and upper back pain for more than 6 years due to a car wreck. I read reviews online, considered ratings and above all listened to my wife to end up here. The diagnosis, treatment plan and execution from Dr. Wilson and his team was excellent - adapting and identifying changes to my pain and body throughout. Having finished the treatment plan I feel much better and inspired to adopt my own habits toward reduced pain and healthy living.
Jennifer M.
Submitted 07/10/19
I came here for lower back pain and hip pain and for feeling like an old lady at only 29 years old! Dr. Wilson came up with a comprehensive plan after examining my back and X-rays to get me back to where I am supposed to be. I felt less pain after one week and now after 8 weeks, I feel great! I have no more shooting pain down my leg, or intense pain in my hip, and I'm able to do the things that I had been having problems with before seeing him. The Physical Therapy staff is also amazing! Michael and and the team are awesome and so helpful with learning the different stretches and exercises to keep my adjustments from Dr. Wilson in shape! Highly recommend!!!!
Kristin E.
Submitted 07/10/19
At 23 weeks pregnant, I hurt my back picking up my toddler and could barely move without tears in my eyes. I was skeptical when my OBGYN sent me to a chiropractor rather than physical therapy but Dr. Wilson's office is the best of both worlds. My first adjustment took my pain from a 10 to a 3, and I was able to stop medication right away. Even when sciatica pain flared up, adjustments plus medical massage and stretching took care of it within days. After 8 weeks of adjustments + physical exercises to keep my bones in place, I feel ready to deliver my baby in a few weeks. Could not made it through this pregnancy without their help. Thank you!!!!!!
Stacy B.
Submitted 07/10/19
Amazing nice people. I went in because my insurance recommended them for my horrible headaches and neck pain from a head injury that’s been killing me for months and I was tired of taking a lot of medicine for the pain. Dr. Brandon Wilson was really nice and helped me a lot for my pain. I’m really grateful for coming here.
Kay B.
Submitted 05/10/19
I had struggled with horrible pain in my feet from neuropathy for many years, making it extremely painful to walk or sleep at night. I researched online to see if there was a possibility of ending my suffering. I found out about Regenesys, and came in for an exam. I was skeptical when I came in, and I thought, "this is a big investment, is this really going to work?" I can tell you after three months, I am no longer having pain in my feet. That feeling at night like fire ants crawling all over my feet and ankles, biting me, and making me scream in pain is GONE! I have also been able to substantially reduce the amount of Gabapentin that I had been taking. I cannot tell you enough that I feel SO MUCH BETTER. I can walk without my walker again, and I had been told that I would never walk again without it. Don't hesitate - give Regenesys a call! They can help you!
Bernadette N.
Submitted 05/09/19
I had horrible hip pain and foot pain associated with neuropathy that I had suffered with for many years. I had gone to lots of doctors in that time, and all they ever did was give me more medication that never did anything except make me feel worse. I started to lose hope that I would ever feel good enough again to walk without pain, much less do the other things I want to do in life. I found out about Regenesys through an educational seminar that I attended, and learned about their expertise in helping people that suffer with chronic joint pain. I felt hope again when they informed me that regenerative medicine, including stem cell therapy, could potentially help me. I came in to their office for an exam and was informed that they could help. Long story short, I decided to have the stem cell injection therapy performed on my hip, as well as the neuropathy treatment for my feet. For the first time in 10 years, I finally have no more hip or nerve pain in my feet! These treatments work so incredibly well I can hardly believe it! The entire team here at Regenesys is awesome and I can't recommend them highly enough for someone else out there who may be suffering like I was. Give them a call and get out of pain like me!
Suzanne W.
Submitted 03/11/19
When I first came here I was a MESS! Every bend and twist hurt. Getting up from bed or sitting hurt. Loading the dishwasher HURT! After finishing treatment, I feel so much better and have even started aerobics, Pilates and yoga at the gym! I look foreword to my continued wellness program and further improvement. Dr. Wilson and the whole staff are absolutely committed to my well-being and I can't thank them enough for helping me to live a better future!
Charity W.
Submitted 03/05/19
No more pain! I've seen Dr. Wilson and his team to help recover from sciatica and lower back pain, shoulder pain, torn ankle ligaments and now he's an integral part of my team while considering other medical procedures. Dr. Wilson knows his stuff and ensures that you have all of the info and support needed to make the journey to total wellness. The entire staff is incredibly helpful and do everything possible to ensure your success. I'm completely happy with my recovery and would recommend Regenesys Physical Medicine to anyone!