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Regenesys Physical Medicine always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 83 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Regenesys Physical Medicine below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Marissa C.
Submitted 06/29/22
Dr. Wilson and the entire team at Regenesys are absolutely amazing! Around week 12 of my pregnancy I started to develop major sciatic pain and leg numbness. I could hardly stand for more than 10 minutes without being incredibly uncomfortable and needing to sit down. This issue truly limited my ability to do daily activities and I knew it was only going to worsen as time passed. I made an appointment with Dr. Wilson and, from day one, I knew I had made the right decision. He created a custom plan that involved chiropractic care, stretching, strength training and prenatal massage. I am now 27 weeks pregnant and am able to exercise, walk, stand and do all my daily activities with minimal pain. I will continue to see Dr. Wilson and his team to help maintain my active lifestyle and mitigate any discomfort through the rest of my pregnancy! I would highly recommend Regenesys to anyone in search of chiropractor care! The team is friendly, responsive and fantastic to work with. I look forward to my visits and know that without Dr. Wilson and his team this pregnancy would have been much for difficult. I am very grateful I found them!
Rodney C.
Submitted 06/20/22
I went to Dr. Wilson and his team because of debilitating lower back pain. Dr. Wilson was clear, straight to the point, and transparent regarding my condition and treatment options. After 8 weeks of adjustments, decompression, massage, and exercise, I was back on track to a more normal life. The team is super friendly and we had very good laughs while working on my rehab. They always made me feel like I was among family and friends. THANK YOU!!
Carissa D.
Submitted 06/13/22
I have been dealing with a herniated discs in my lower back for over 2 years. I tried injections and traditional physical therapy that somewhat relieved the pain and stiffness, but my Dr said my only other option was surgery. No way was I wanting to have back surgery, so I found Regenesys as another option to explore. After a 10 week treatment plan prescribed by Dr Wilson; which included adjustments, targeted physical therapy, spinal decompression and massage I am happy to say my pain/discomfort level has dropped from a 10 to a 2!! I know that my issues will never go away, but gaining the knowledge on how I can better manage and continue to strengthen/improve to live a better, pain free life has been invaluable! Thanks to all the great folks at Regenesys for helping me feel better!!!
Graziela F.
Submitted 04/27/22
Just amazing!! My entire life I had back pain and no one was ever careful enough to investigate, and Dr. Wilson was the best! Always explained every process which makes you so comfortable. His team also is great! They’re good listeners and always adapted my rehab according to what my body could handle. The office is 100% equipped and clean! Plus the results are right on track! I’m able to do my regular activities with no pain! That’s the right place to go!
Zeena K.
Submitted 02/10/22
Being a dancer my whole life, I have always struggled with back problems, not knowing what was causing it. Dr.Wilson instantly figured out the issue and helped me discover that I have degenerative disc disease. The treatment plan that he provided for me definitely decreased the pain I was feeling. The staff made me feel so welcome and at home, they are extremely friendly and genuinely care about you. I would recommend anyone to go see him, he’s amazing!
David V.
Submitted 12/30/21
Several years ago, I woke up one morning with debilitating pain in my lower back. Through my exam I was diagnosed with stage 4 degenerative disc disease. I was prescribed a 10 week treatment program that Dr. Brandon Wilson specifically designed for my personal care needs, which sounded like a lot better option to me than having spinal surgery at the age of 34! I was amazed at the scientific approach at Regenesys, and the level of professionalism and the positive atmosphere I experienced during those 10 weeks. The staff at Regenesys is THE BEST. I completed my treatment program and have been attending monthly maintenance appointments for over 5 years now. I am able to do all the physical activates I love, something I am confident would not be possible without the care I receive by Dr. Wilson and his staff. I have been to other chiropractors in the past, and I can tell you Dr. Wilson is undoubtedly the best of the best!
Amber H.
Submitted 12/28/21
I have been going to Dr. Wilson for 8 years now due to my chronic back and cervical issues and I can't rave about them enough! Not only is Dr. Wilson thorough with his assessments and cares for all his patients, his staff is also very personable and provides stellar service. Each round of physical therapy I've had to conduct has helped me in so many ways and I owe that to Regenesys Physical Medicine!
Amber H.
Submitted 12/28/21
I have been going to Dr. Wilson for 8 years now due to my chronic back and cervical issues and I can't rave about them enough! Not only is Dr. Wilson thorough with his assessments and cares for all his patients, his staff is also very personable and provides stellar service. Each round of physical therapy I've had to conduct has helped me in so many ways and I owe that to Regenesys Physical Medicine!
Samantha F.
Submitted 12/28/21
I was 12 weeks pregnant when I decided to visit Regenesys for the lower back/sciatica pain that I was having and I'm so thankful that I did. Dr. Wilson as well as the whole team were incredible and so accommodating. From the beginning, everything that made up my treatment plan was very clear and understandable. It was one of the best decisions that I have made during my pregnancy and I highly recommend seeing Dr. Wilson if you're experiencing any type of pain during pregnancy (or even if you're not pregnant)!
Harini M.
Submitted 11/10/21
After a couple of months of suffering and pain, I decided to look for a Chiro practitioner, and my search began. My prolonged working hours, late-night, and preparing for school work in front of the system for hours together had made my posture wrong, increased inflammation and stiffness around my neck and shoulders. Due to this, I was living in tremendous pain, sometimes to the extent that I couldn't even move my neck. My friends also warned me that when identifying a Chiro, one should be careful. Else it can backfire. After looking around, I zeroed down on Regenesys, seeing their 5-star google reviews, and of course, my prime consideration was within 3 miles. And on my first visit, I realized that what I thought was 3 miles turned out to be 13 miles :-( which was kind of an initial disappoint and worry for me. Will I be able to come for my entire treatment or lose motivation consistently? But my first interaction with Lauren and Dr. Wilson clarified that doubt immediately. Lauren was super patient with her questions and detailed list of issues faced by me. Dr. Wilson was spot on in his diagnosis and crisp in his plan. Then came into play my sticking to the plan, which was the biggest challenge. Alexa and Kelly made sure I didn't miss a single session. With my work and school, and kids' schedule in mind, there were many instances when I had to reschedule my appointments, but they were just brilliant. They would call me back meticulously, so I never I to worry about an appointment. Then came my actual physiotherapy with Barbie for a brief period and Mike for the most. Mike, by merely looking at you could tell the stiffness and immediately help you overcome that. Physio sessions were enjoyable with his sense of humor. And my other favorite is Bri, who is so so good with her massage therapy. All in all, I went there in tremendous pain and walked out after eight-plus weeks with absolutely no pain at all. Dr. Wilson indeed has one of the best teams with him. Kudos to this high on empathy team. I would highly recommend this place.
Elizabeth M.
Submitted 11/02/21
This is best doctor's office I have ever seen! Everyone is so nice and it's easy to see why they are so highly rated. They were great on the phone and explained everything about insurance coverage and treatment so incredibly well. The last thing someone in pain wants to deal with is trying to figure those kinds of things out, but they answered every question that I had without me even having to ask. Dr. Wilson was AWESOME and he and his talented team completely resolved my problem. Do yourself a favor - skip all the other places out there and call them today for appointment. You will be glad you did!
Angela P.
Submitted 11/01/21
I have been a patient of Dr. Wilson's for a good while now and I can't recommend this office highly enough! When I first came in, I could barely move from the extreme pain. I tried all normal medications, and even went to a PT, and nothing helped. He and his entire team are so polite, professional, and helpful in every way. They are so good at communicating, from the first visit and every step along the path to healing. I am so glad I found them. If you are hurting and want a true solution to your problem instead of another "band aid," give their office a try!
Stuart K.
Submitted 09/17/21
As a 73 year-old, I came to Regenesys with major hip and back issues and was otherwise expecting to have hip replacement surgery. However, after receiving regenerative treatment and engaging in a multi-week intensely focused, professionally designed rehabilitative treatment plan from Regenesys’ experienced and pleasant staff, I am on the mend. I can once again enjoy physical activities like golf, tennis and pickleball to the fullest. I highly recommend Regenesys to anyone with debilitating physical limitations.
Alita T.
Submitted 09/10/21
About a month and a half ago, I hurt my back. The pain was excruciating! It was difficult to get out of bed. I felt pretty hopeless. I had seen my regular doctor and he gave me a cortisone injection which really didn't help. I saw an ad online for Regenesys and came in for a consultation. The staff here, the doctor - I just really can't say enough! They took the time to show me my x-rays, explain what the problem was, how I had injured myself, and exactly what they could do over the course of eight weeks to alleviate the pain and get me back to living again. I had been feeling quite honestly really hopeless, thinking the rest of my life was going to be limited mobility and dealing with pain, but I can say now after going through the treatment at Regenesys it GAVE ME MY LIFE BACK! The doctor is WONDERFUL!!! He takes the time to explain everything in detail. It helps a lot to know what's going on, what is expected, and what it will take to get there. The staff - I CAN'T SAY ENOUGH ABOUT THE STAFF!!!! Everybody is SO supportive and helpful here. I would highly recommend Regenesys to anyone!
Ann L.
Submitted 06/16/21
My husband and I have benefited in so many ways from this group of knowledgeable, kind and energetic professionals let by Dr. Wilson. You will be surprised at all the ways in which they can help you!
Jeffery P.
Submitted 05/07/21
Just finishing up my 10 weeks of therapy including spinal manipulation, decompression, physical therapy, and deep tissue massages. I have to say I was skeptical at first after hearing that my doctor wanted to do a spinal cortisone injection to relieve pain in my back. I opted for the less invasive option - treatment at Regenesys. My wife had previously had the regenerative cell injections here and got instant relief so I decided to give Dr. Wilson and his team a try. Glad I did. After undergoing all of the above at Regenesys, I started feeling relief in my leg that had given me so much grief that I had to put ice packs on at night to relieve the pain. I have seen steady improvement and have been able to finally sleep at night without the ice pack. I heartily recommend Dr. Wilson and his wonderful staff.
Brittnie H.
Submitted 05/07/21
I found Regenesys when I was about 25 weeks into my pregnancy. This is my first pregnancy and I was struggling a lot with pelvic pain and I was basically waddling already from my hips being out of line. My baby was also showing breach, which wasn't an issue at the time but it was still a concerning thought that he'd stay that way in the long run. Dr. Wilson explained that all this was pretty normal but most women didn't know it could be easily fixed! We set up an 8 week adjustment plan with physical therapy, stretches and little exercises. After the second adjustment, I was walking upright and straight again. By 4 weeks into adjustments, my hip and pelvic pain was down to a 3 from a 7. I'm into my last week and I'm 95% pain free (as long as I don't overdo it on weekends but the nesting instinct is really kicking in!). Dr. Wilson is very flexible in his treatments as well. I always get my hips adjusted but if I tell him my round ligaments are hurting, he takes the time to help me. If I tell him my neck is a little stiff that day, he will adjust my neck that time as well. He listens very well and is always willing to help, even if it's slightly outside the scope of planned treatment. His staff, Michael and Barbie, are great in the PT corner. They really pay attention to my exercises and help me execute them or even tell me to skip a certain one if they see it's pushing me too far. Kelly and Hope at the front are very sweet and are always a pleasure to greet in the mornings. I don't think you'll regret choosing to get care here. If you're pregnant, please do it. It's worth it for your comfort and your baby's comfort. My baby is now head down and I feel more comfortable and healthier than I did 7 weeks ago.
Chelsey L.
Submitted 04/27/21
I went to Dr. Wilson and his team for prenatal care. I was starting to get uncomfortable in the third trimester and was told that chiropractic care was a way to ensure my body was as fit as possible for pregnancy and labor. Dr. Wilson is fantastic and his entire team are great people and professionals. I haven't had a single negative encounter with anyone at the office. Dr. Wilson was great about sharing his expertise and developing goals that would get me to and through labor in the best shape possible. I saw him 3 times a week for adjustments and worked with Barbie and Michael on physical therapy exercises to strengthen my core and relieve some hip and groin pain that is common in the third trimester. I was given great instruction and provided the exercise explanations so I could replicate the exercises at home. I saw Amber for prenatal massages once a week as well. She is fantastic! I had never had a massage before going to Regenesys and was a little apprehensive and self conscious. She was a comforting voice and always had great advice and seemed genuinely invested in my well being. I felt supported by the whole team every step of the way. Hope and Kelly at the front desk were always super accommodating for appointments and genuinely seemed to care about my well being and progress. The whole team was really knowledgeable about pregnant patients and I never felt concerned about the experience. They always had the right equipment and modifiers for stretches that were more difficult for me. I felt great through out the experience and many people in my personal life were really surprised by my level of comfort and ability to move and flex even in my 39th week. I truly attribute a fantastic 3rd trimester to this group of amazing individuals. They were always willing to hear my concerns and treat anything to cropped up from week to week or day to day. I can't refer people to them fast enough! I was seen from 32 - 40 weeks and couldn't have asked for a better experience.
Monique B.
Submitted 04/19/21
I know that people are sometimes weary of Chiropractic offices but I can assure you that this is not a Chiropractic office. Dr. Wilson and staff take a very different approach to healing the body that is comprehensive yet necessary and logical. Not only did I find relief for my neck injury but I am significantly smarter going forward in how I carry my body, the way in which my body gets to a point of pain and how I can help prevent it, but I am constantly cognitive of how my posture is and make adjustments to ensure less damage in the future. But that’s all the science-y stuff, let’s talk about the people. Dr. Wilson is genuinely one of the nicest people who takes healthcare back to the earlier days of investing in your patients and knowing everything about them and their families (in a non-creepy way) that we have lost over the years. His way of treating his patients doesn’t stop with him; all of his staff subscribe to this philosophy and are wonderful. Hope and Kelly are very sweet and welcome every patient in by their name, I literally look forward to seeing them and hearing about their weekends. Michael and Barbie do a phenomenal job at the other parts of the healing process and physical therapy but they talk to you like you are a person and a friend. Amber and Bree are not massage therapists, they are body workers and healers. If you are looking for relief and actually getting into the muscle and knots and walking away feeling like you are a new person you need Amber and Bree! There are many other services and wonderful staff my husband and I haven’t been able to take advantage of but we are so thankful that we both found Regenesys and have bought ourselves more time feeling amazing. Thank you everyone!!!
Sue M.
Submitted 03/25/21
I have lived with lower back and hip pain for 25 years. I met Dr. Wilson at Regenesys and he told me chiropractic care would greatly improve my body structure, posture, pain and discomfort. After the second treatment, I quit believing that I had to live with my discomforts. Dr. Wilson was right, and he has improved me! He and his staff have taught me many techniques and increased my knowledge, confidence and ability to be responsible for my own well-being. Regenesys is an efficient and caring practice. Dr. Wilson is a focused, honest, respectable and talented physician. The staff follows his lead, and they run an exceptional office. I wish I had done this 25 years ago! Thank you sincerely, Regenesys, for your excellent care of me!