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If you’ve ever experienced the pain that comes with a trigger point, you know how disruptive these tiny muscular knots can be. The providers at Regenesys Physical Medicine providing care for residents in Frisco can ease your trigger point pain and get you moving freely again. Call today to schedule a visit or book your appointment online for quick relief from trigger-point pain.

Trigger Point Injections Q & A

What is a trigger point?

A trigger point is a small, tender nodule that forms in a muscle or the thin sheath of fibrous tissue surrounding it (fascia) that develops when the muscle fails to relax. They can develop in any skeletal muscle and may form on your chest, back, abdomen, or even your forehead. You can have just one or multiple trigger points.

You may feel pain at the site of the nodule when you press on it, as well as pain traveling along the muscle containing the trigger point. This is also called referred or radiating pain. The symptoms may be unrelenting or come and go with certain activities. A trigger point can also lead to muscle tension and stress that can cause tension headaches, low back pain, and other conditions you might not associate with an active trigger point.

What causes trigger points?

Trigger points have a variety of underlying causes and may be linked to:

  • Excessive stress, anxiety, and depression which can also be caused by the chronic pain related to trigger points
  • Microtrauma caused by obesity, prolonged poor posture, or vitamin deficiencies
  • Work or sports activities that repeatedly stress specific muscle groups

Other activities that may lead to trigger point formation include sitting in a chair with poor back support for prolonged periods and improper lifting techniques.

Trigger points are also a common characteristic of myofascial pain syndrome, which is a chronic pain disorder that’s often identified by multiple trigger points, deep aching pain in your muscles, and difficulty sleeping at night due to pain.

What is the treatment for trigger points?

Depending on the severity of your symptoms, our provider team may prescribe:

  • Gentle stretching exercises to ease the pain in the affected muscle
  • Training to improve your overall posture
  • Exercises to strengthen the muscles to help you avoid muscle injury or strain
  • Massage to relax you and release muscle tension
  • Heat to the affected region to relieve muscle tension and decrease pain

For quick pain relief, our provider team may also prescribe trigger point injections with a natural, anti-inflammatory medication such as Traumeel®.

Can trigger point injections help my back pain?

Trigger points are a common source of lower, mid, and upper back pain.  Additionally, trigger points are often associated with both tension-type and migraine headaches. Trigger point injections at Regenesys Physical Medicine in Frisco, Texas, may help alleviate your muscle pain and improve movement and flexibility by breaking the adhesions which are contributing to the discomfort.

In addition to trigger point injections, our multidisciplinary provider team may also recommend clinical massage therapy to help work out and release the tense muscle for back pain relief.

Can trigger points cause headaches?

If you’re feeling stress or anxiety, you may develop trigger points in your shoulders or neck, often causing pain that radiates to your head. These types of trigger points commonly lead to tension headaches and migraines. The muscle knots in these areas may also lead to jaw pain, which is clinically referred to as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD).

During your examination at Regenesys Physical Medicine in Frisco, Texas, rest assured that our team of professionals will expertly diagnose the source of your headaches and prescribe the best treatment options for your specific situation.

For the management of muscle pain caused by trigger points, call or schedule an appointment online with the best medical clinic in Frisco.